Stop making excuses for working out

Get your Workout Today!

Stop making excuses for working out

Get your Workout Today!

Sit-N-Fit is the new portable gym you can use at home or on the go

Sit-N-Fit was created to increase the fundamentals of the human body without causing the stress of thinking what, when, where, and how to exercise. This product was created by an individual who works several different operations, and started losing time to work out. “How can I do my exercise on the go or better yet when I am at home?”

Sit-N-Fit gives you great resistance strength, toning arms, chest muscles, back, and shoulders. Plus increases power in most activities.

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Our Mission

To create wellness products and services that encourage and motivate families and friends prescribe to a wellness program that aligns to their lifestyle.

Don’t just sit there! Place your order today and you’ll see why customers love this product.

Welcome to Brewer Interprise LLC, a global company offering state of the art products invented by Aaron Brewer, founder and visionary.

He recalls vividly, after a great workout in the gym, thinking of how he could motivate not only his wife but also his children to exercise. He remembers it being such a struggle to get her or the children to participate in any type of physical exercise. His wife’s typical day entailed working an 8-5 day in her office, coming home to a daily routine of cooking, cleaning and running their kids around. It became typical to find her crashed or sitting on the sofa until bedtime.

The compounded years of no physical exercise added more than 25 pounds to her weight along with the shocking diagnosis of being border line diabetic. His wife’s nominal physical routine of walking during the course of her day, was just not enough. There had to be a drastic change in her daily regimen. Her life was a prescribed course for disaster.

One day, while observing his wife sitting on the sofa, Aaron had one of his many visions. If he could not bring his wife to the “exercise”, he would bring the “exercise” to her. He had a vision of his wife sitting and exercising! This was the birth of “Sit N Fit”. Aaron knew immediately he had a wonderful product that would encourage his wife’s commitment to health and wellness at her own pace and comfort.

Watching the evolution of not only the health and fitness of his wife, but his entire family, Aaron begin to distribute this new creation to other family members and friends who demanded the product for their loved ones. Today, Brewer Interprise LLC is responding to customer demand by making the “Sit N Fit”, a lightweight, user friendly, fitness device to strengthen the body while sitting, lying or standing, available to the public. “Sit N Fit” supports the development of muscle; and strengthens the body by utilizing an easy approach to exercise. With patented elastic bands for all ages and body types, “Sit N Fit” improves, maintains and restores physical strength, and mobility with proven and maximized results.

Today, Aaron’s wife is no longer border line diabetic. She is now motivated more than ever after losing more than 25 pounds since she incorporated the revolutionary “Sit N Fit” into her daily activities.

We encourage you to choose “Sit N Fit” for an easy and motivational approach to exercising that opens the possibilities to further your health and wellness goals. It’s a product for EVERYONE – Adults, teens, children, seniors, those on the go, travelers and those who are confined to sitting, standing, lying, or subject to rehabilitation as well as the ones who just don’t enjoy exercising.