Sit-n-Fit Workout

The workout for all ages, body types and physical abilities. Perfect and portable for the home, office and travel. Easy to use. No assembly required.

For Older Adults

Sit-n-Fit is the perfect stay-fit solution for older adults who may prefer a seated workout routine. Plus, the Sit-n-Fit Workout is easy to set up and fun to use!

For Travel

Pack the Sit-n-Fit Workout in its carrying bag and you’re ready to continue your fitness regimen on the road. The Workout is portable, lightweight and can be used almost anywhere.

For Rehab

Sit-n-Fit Workout is a gentle but powerful tool that can aid recovery from injury or loss of muscle tone. And most exercises can be performed from a wheelchair as well.

For Fun

Getting fit doesn’t have to feel like work. 30 minutes a day, a few days per week with the Sit-n-Fit Workout provides a fun, effective resistance workout for any body type, any age, anywhere.

Sit-N-Fit Friends,

You’ve been asking; and now we are delivering! If you missed the HSN debut of the exercise system that everyone is not only talking about; but one that actually works, then here’s your opportunity. With popular demand, Sit N Fit will be featured again on HSN (Home Shopping Network) Friday, September 21, 2018 during the hour of 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (1:00 p.m. Eastern). Be sure to tune in and shout the news out to family and friends. Let the world know why they cannot afford to miss the fitness innovation that is taking the fitness industry by storm. If you’ve already purchased your Sit N Fit system, we would love for you to call in during the broadcast to share your personal testimonial.

The padded, non-stick mat makes this safer for my clients than usual exercise bands. This is truly a versatile piece of exercise equipment.

—Antonia Vega

Physical Therapist, DPT

Easy to use and easy to set up

The portable gym you can take anywhere

Sit-n-Fit Workout comes in three vibrant colors: Blue, Purple and Black.

Perfect gift for family and friends.

What our customers are saying…

Our customer testimonies and statistics solidify the uniqueness of our product “Sit N Fit.” It is helping them to strengthen muscles, improve activity, lose pounds and motivate. Sit N Fit is a portable, lightweight, simple to use, and inexpensive way to add to your workout sessions, whether you are an experienced athlete or NOT.

I use my Sit-N-Fit just before my golf outings. I play golf twice a week and my distance has improved greatly. Love it!

T. Jones

My Sit-N-Fit stays in my office chair, through the day I use it to tone my arms.
L. Harris

I love my Sit-N-Fit. I use it everyday in my favorite chair while watching TV.
P. Taylor